Amateur Radio

I  received  my amateur radio license as a novice while I was in Alaska. The call I was issued was WL7ESA in 1964, the year of the great earthquake. I upgraded to General later on and was issued KL7ESA. Some years later, the FCC decided to take away some of the frequencies on some bands which I didn't agree with, so I lost my interest for some time. After our family moved to Texas, my son Stephen observed all my ham gear and decided that we should both get licensed. I renewed my license and received the call WD5DHW. We set up our station and put up a 70 ft. tower with a Hygain 205BA on it..
Stephen studied for and passed the exam for  his General Class license . He was  issued the call WD5FQF.
Later we took the exams at the FCC office in Dallas. Stephen passed his advanced and received his endorsement for 20 wpm code. I passed my advanced and also my extra. The extra at that time required one to pass the 20 wpm code test. So we both were licensed to operate. Stephen received the call  KF5UF and I was issued AI5W.  Some years later , Stephen and I put in for vanity calls. I was issued W3JC and Stephen was issued K5SJCI envisioned at some future date that I may have wanted  to retire to Pa., so I thought that would be a neat call  to have.
Well I didn't move to Pa., but here I am in Waxhaw, NC. Elaine and I came here in October of 2000. We are longtime volunteers with Wycliffe Bible Translators here at the JAARS Center. I went to work in the Construction Department and Elaine went into the Public Relations Department. I worked in the Computer Department for a few months before we transferred to Papua New Guinea. We stayed there five months and enjoyed it very much. I was a purchaser in the Construction Department and Elaine worked in the library and the Guest House. We rented a home of one of the translatiors who went on furlough to the States. It just so happened that the house came with a nice three element beam and a 45 foot tower.  I requested and received permission to operate with the call P29CJ.
Elaine passed her Technician exam and received the call KG4WUO on January 13. 2003.

Well this is an update which was long overdue. Elaine and I are not with Wycliffe any longer.  We sold our home in Waxhaw and moved to Arlington, Texas  Bought a new home and moved in on the 30th of June, 2010. We volunteered with Wycliffe a few years and then decided to quit Wycliffe, We sold our home in Arlington and moved into a retirement community in Frisco, Texas called "Parkview in Frisco"on the 29th of February, 2018. We have a nice two bedroom apartment. I sold most of my ham equipment. I still have echolink on my computer and stay active with a few hams on skype.That's about it, My phone number is 214-494-2798. Our address is 7450 Stonebrook Pkwy. Frisco, Tx. 75034.