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Elaine and I met in Wilmington, Delaware where we were both employed at the Dupont Experimental Station. Elaine was a chemist in the Nylon Department and I was a technician in the Fluid Flow Department. We met at a company singles outing on the opposite sides of a volley ball net. Seventy five days later, we were married in a Methodist Church in Westchester, Pa. on November the 10th, 1956. Andy Horvat and Niki Ann were our attendants. We took a train to Washington D.C. for a 3 day honeymoon. We did not have a car, because mine was stolen on the evening before Holloween.  

We lived in Wilmington about a year and a half and I decided to go to an Umpire's School in Daytona Beach, FL. Elaine stayed with her parents in Jackson, MS. while I attended the school. I tried the umpiring profession for awhile in Florida but that didn't work out well for me. Our first child, Donna, was born on the 13th of May 1958 while I was  there. We went back to Berwick, Pa.
I Worked for Bodnar's Firestone Service for about two years and then was hired by the FAA and started my Air Traffic Control career in Pittsburgh, Pa. in November of 1959. Our 2nd daughter, Valerie, was born at our home on April 2, 1960 in Imperial, Pa. where we lived. Stephen, our 1st son was born on October the 24th, 1961 in the McKees Rocks General Hospital.

We moved to Anchorage, Alaska in June of 1962. I worked at the Anchorage Air Traffic Control Center, which was located on Elmendorf AFB. Brian, our 2nd son, was born on June the 24th 1964. Stuart, our 3rd son , (fifth child), was born on  February the 9th, 1970.
I was selected as a Data Systems Specialist sometime during 1969 and spent the next four years or so performing both duties as a programmer and controlling traffic and then sometime later went into programming full time.
Donna graduated from high school in June of 1976 and we moved soon after to Duncanville, Texas. I transferred to the Fort Worth ARTCC , which is located near the DFW Airport.
I retired from the FAA in September of 1986 and went to work for DISC as a Systems Engineer maintaining the software for the FAA.
Elaine and I moved to New Jersey in 1989. I transferred to the FAA Tech Center in Pamona, New Jersey.  We lived one year in Ocean City and two years in Absecon. I resigned from DISC and went back home to Texas after three years. Worked five months at the Fort Worth ARTCC and six months at the Kansas City ARTCC on contract with DISC. I last worked for a living in Oct. 1992.

 We moved to Waxahachie in 1994. Bought a fifth wheel and traveled with Texas Baptist Men for a number of years working at Baptist camps throughout Texas doing construction and maintenance.  We spent three summers at the Plains Baptist Assembly Camp near Floydata, Tx. Elaine helped in the kitchen and we ran the snack shack two of those summers.
We also went on mission trips to Wasilla, AK, , Cochran, Alberta, Canada, Puerto Rico, and I went to Japan for six weeks to help remodel a church.  
Elaine and I volunteered our time with Wycliffe Bible Translators at the JAARS Center in Waxwaw, NC. We sold our home in Waxahachie and moved permanently to Waxhaw in 2004. We both worked nearly 40 hours per week for a number of years. Elaine worked in the PR Dept. conducting tours and a few hours each week  in the Mexican Museum. She also was in charge of getting various departments and people involved in JAARS Day, which is conducted four times a year. I worked about three years or so in CAM (construction and maintenance), about three years in the radio department and about three years or so  in the computer department repairing computers and checking out new computers before they are shipped to various parts  of the world to be used by missionaries and Bible translators. We served in  Papua New Guinea right after 9/11 for five months. Elaine worked in the library and Guest House and I worked in CAM as a purchaser.

Well, after debating and praying, Elaine and I severed our ties in Waxhaw, sold our home and moved back to Texas. We departed Waxhaw on the 7th of May, 2010, and moved into our newly constructed home at 7615 Black Willow Lane, in Arlington on the 28th of June. 
   We enjoyed living in Arlington and after Elaine and I had some discussions between ourselves and family we decided to move to a senior living community.called "Parkview in Frisco". We sold our home and moved on the 26th of February, 2018. We have a nice two bedroom and two bathroom apartment. .Our address is 7450 Stonebrook Pkwy, Aprt. 4113, Frisco, Texas 75034. Home phone is 214-494-2798 and cell is 817-933-7166. 

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